Is Jack Daniels Flammable? (A Guide)

This article will answer the following question: “Is Jack Daniels Flammable?”. We will reveal if Jack Daniels Old No. 7 is flammable, rather it can catch fire or not, and how flammable it is. 

Consider this article a heads up. We are only sharing the best information we could find. Lighting anything on fire is always a dangerous choice that can go sideways quickly.

Is Jack Daniels Flammable?

Not much. Jack Daniels Old No. 7 doesn’t have enough alcohol to catch fire right away but has a low flashpoint, which means that flammable vapors can arise and catch fire if there’s a fire close by.

However, if you pour Jack Daniels on a hot pan to make something flambé, it would catch fire easily, especially if you twist the pan so it gets in contact with the oven fire.

Is Jack Daniels flammable or combustible?

The whisky Jack Daniels Old No. 7 is a fermented beverage made from corn, rye, barley malt, and water, followed by a controlled distillation. It has 40% ABV (alcohol by volume).

The alcohol that resulted from the fermentation process is the most flammable substance in the drink. The total amount of alcohol is not enough to consider Jack Daniels flammable, but it can still burn.

But of course, Jack Daniels is not made only from alcohol and water, otherwise, it would be transparent like diluted alcohol. 

The beverage also has substances like esters, aldehydes, lactones, and antioxidants, which can also present flammability. But since alcohol is in a bigger quantity, it dictates how flammable the drink is.

What is ABV?

ABV is an abbreviation for alcohol by volume. It is a standard measure to write down how much ethanol (common alcohol) ratio is contained in a beverage.

It’s defined as the quantity (in ml) of pure ethanol in 100ml of the drink, at 20ºC (68ºF). The ABV number gives us information on how much alcohol a beverage has.

It’s important to note that ABV is not the same as volume fraction, a property commonly used in Chemistry. 

A drink that has, let’s say, 50% ABV doesn’t necessarily contain 50ml of alcohol in 100ml of the whole drink, but a little bit more. This is because the volume of a mixture changes when we mix two different things. But this difference is not big, no more than 2.5%.

What is Jack Daniel’s made of?

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 recipe was developed by Jasper “Jack” Newton Daniel, around 150 years ago. It’s made by a mash of 80% corn, 12% rye, and 8% malted barley, and distilled in copper stills.

The flavors come from the ingredients, the fermentation process, the distillation, and the oak barrels. Most flavors are a class of chemicals called aldehydes.

The perhaps most common of them is called acetaldehyde, a compound that provides a fruity flavor. It also plays a major role in giving us hangovers.

Jack Daniel’s History

When was a teenager, Daniel was adopted by a moonshine distiller, beginning to learn the profession with a master distiller called Nathan Green, an enslaved African-American man.

When Daniel was 29 he received an inheritance from his father, who died in the Civil War. He then took over the distillery from his stepfather. The Old No. 7 label was launched around 1887.

Some sources said Jack used the registration number of his distillery, but others guess the number 7 was a tracking number of the railway company on a barrel.

The early history of Jack Daniel’s company can’t really be unveiled because most records were destroyed in a fire.

More about can be found in the 2004 biography book called “Blood & Whiskey: The Life and Times of Jack Daniel”, by Peter Krass. 

Can Jack Daniels burn?

Yes. Even though it’s not very flammable because most of it is made of water, the amount of ethanol within shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Jack Daniels’ flashpoint is around 26ºC (79ºF). But what does this mean? Well, it means that in very easily achievable temperatures, a glass of Jack Daniels starts to evaporate.

When a flammable substance reaches a vapor state, it also reaches the most flammable state. But don’t be afraid, it’s not something so hazardous. You can keep drinking it normally.

Although, there’s a considerable fire risk in drinking a distilled beverage while smoking, or vice-versa. If this is something you do often, consider doing it outside or at least leave windows opened for better ventilation.

Jack Daniels is not expected to burst in flames, but it’s not impossible for it to happen. A combination of whiskey + naked flames and clothes (or furniture) could be catastrophic. 

Can Jack Daniel catch fire easily?

No. Normally, beverages are only considered flammable if they have 50% ABV or more. If you light a match and toss it into, combustion wouldn’t happen readily.

A beverage like Jack Daniels would only catch fire if it is tossed into big flames, else if it is heated first. 

Also, due to its low flashpoint, flammable vapors would arise from a cup of it, and they could catch fire. But only if there’s a naked flame close by. Auto-ignition is not expected.

But the thing is, alcohol can evaporate much easier than water. So if a beverage below 50% ABV is mildly heathen, the alcohol would just evaporate before burning. This doesn’t mean there’s no hazard.

Many people have Jack Daniel’s whiskey on one or two rocks. The colder the beverage is, the less flammability it presents. So if you’re still worried about your safety, that’s something you can do.

And as we said before, beware if you drink and smoke at the same time. Being in a room with good ventilation or outside is the best choice.

However, Cask Strength Whisky can be very flammable.

What is Cask Strenght Whiskey?

Cask strength is a type of whiskey that hasn’t been diluted after the storage in the cask (barrel), so it has more alcohol, between 52-66% ABV. Thus, becomes more flammable.

Cask strength whisky is expected to light and sustain a fire much more easily, and also presents much lower flashpoint temperatures and easily achievable auto-ignition.

At what temperature can is Jack Daniels flammable?

It is expected to have higher flammability around its flashpoint, around 26ºC (79ºF). This is when flammable vapors start unleashing readily.

But as we said, not many vapors would arise from a small glass of Jack Daniel’s, so there’s not much risk that such fire could sustain itself. However, it can ignite other things and start a chain reaction.

Is Jack Daniels Bourbon?

According to the manufacturer, after being distilled, the liquid is mellowed drop by drop through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal, a process that makes the product different from Bourbon.

The filtration removes impurities and some of the corn taste. 

But Jack Daniels is still considered a straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Bourbon is a type of oak barrel-aged whiskey, a distilled liquor made mainly from corn (at least 51%).

Is Jack and Coke flammable?

Considering that, on average, Jack & Coke drinks are made with 50ml (1.70 fl oz) of whiskey, in a glass of 300ml, filled with coke and some ice, we can imagine how much alcohol is actually there.

The alcohol will be diluted. The composition of the drink will be 3 parts of coke for 1 of whiskey, tops. The flammability will end up ceasing.

How alcoholic is Jack and Coke?

Since an average recipe for Jack & coke is made of one part Jack for 3 of Coke at best, we can say that a cup of the drink would have only ¼ of the alcohol it would have when pure.

But of course, if you drink it all you will end up drinking the same amount of alcohol, but in a much more sparse time.  

It’s also alcoholic as 2-2.5 cans of beer.


Jack Daniels Old No. 7 can catch fire, but it wouldn’t light up a fire unless you try to, or leave it close to a source of heat for too long. If you heat it up and let vapors unleash in a confined room, a source of ignition would lead to an explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): Is Jack Daniels Flammable?

Is jack daniels gluten free?

Jack Daniel’s has no carbohydrates, gluten, fats, or cholesterol because they were removed after distillation. But it still has calories, mostly thanks to alcohol. 1 fl oz of it contains around 65 calories.

is jack daniels good?

Jack Daniel’s is a whiskey known worldwide and exists for more than a century. It’s considered one of the best of the budget sub-$30 whiskeys.

is jack daniels vegan?

Yes. No additives and no animal-derived products are used during the production of Jack Daniel’s. The whiskey is a vegetarian and vegan beverage.


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