Is burlap flammable?

This blog post will answer the question, “Is burlap flammable” and cover topics like the flammability of burlap and frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Is burlap flammable?

Yes, burlap is flammable, since it’s made of combustible jute fibers.

What Is Burlap, Exactly?

Have you ever heard of Hessian or utilized a thin, strong canvas called Hessian? Yes, it’s the same stuff we’re talking about when we say Burlap. Jute fibers are used to make it. Jute is a grass-like plant that grows tall and green in Bangladesh, and Pakistan. As a result, the plant’s tough fibrous stem is beneficial.

Jute is a completely organic, recyclable, and reusable fabric. This fiber has high tensile strength, making it ideal for making burlaps. As a result, jute-based Hessians may be found in agricultural and raw materials packaging. You may also use it for everyday hauling and packing.

What Is Burlap and Why Is It Called That?

The origin of the term “Burlap” is unknown. People have known it since the late 17th century, according to history. The term is derived from the Middle English word “Borel” (rough fabric), the Old French word burel, and the Dutch word “Boeren” (coarse). It was then mingled with another term, “Boer” (peasant). Overall, it’s a coarse cloth-like item associated with the peasants.

Is Burlap Flammable or Fire Resistant?

Burlap is completely biodegradable in its natural condition, making it completely eco-friendly. It’s used to make a variety of bags, tablecloths, and window curtains. It also aids in the production of carpet linoleum backing.

Industries, on the other hand, utilize a variety of chemicals to make hessian more useful.

These are some of the chemicals:

  • Copper Sulfate
  • Pesticides 
  • Dyeing
  • Flame Retardants

I will now explain these.

Copper Sulfate:

Burlaps are wrapped around the trees and root balls by gardeners or nursery owners. Copper sulfate has been applied to these wraps. It aids in the slowing of plant root development. Copper sulfate is combustible, unfortunately.


Burlap bag producers, according to chemical industry experts, utilize a variety of chemicals throughout manufacturing. These compounds are applied to prevent fungal development. It can prolong the life of Burlap. Because the chemicals are volatile, there is a danger of flames on these burlap sacks.


Burlap is colored using a variety of organic, inorganic, and flammable dyes. Rit dye is an example of a dye employed in this situation, even though it contains no dangerous components. Other colorants, on the other hand, may be hazardous and flammable.

Flame Retardants

Hessians may be made less flammable with the use of flame retardants. It may readily catch fire if no flame retardant is added in, particularly in the business sector.

Flammable Burlap’s Applications – (In Agriculture, Construction, And Fashion)

Burlap is a combustible material. However, we may put them to a variety of uses. We may use Hessians for anything from adornment to covering.

In agriculture, burlaps are flammable yet useful.

Burlap sacks are quite useful in the agriculture industry. The Hessians are mostly used by farmers and agribusinessmen for packing and transporting food items. Fruits, vegetables, fertilizers, and other items are carried in the bags.

Burlaps are a wonderful solution for plant protection once again. They may protect the plants from bad weather, soil degradation, and pests. However, the advantages of utilizing these bags include the fact that they are degradable, lightweight, and less expensive than other comparable bags.

Construction Burlaps – Flammable But Absorbent

Because of its absorbent characteristics, it may cure concrete. When there are periodic pauses in the sprinkling, it might soak the liquids. Burlap is also quite long-lasting. You may dampen it before using it again to maintain the surface moistly.

When builders utilize Hessians in building, the end product is usually spectacular. They aid in the curing of concrete wall floors to their maximum strength. Burlaps may be used in packaging and construction, as well as in the agriculture industry.

Burlap is in style, and it’s both flammable and eco-friendly.

You may have carried your purchases in a variety of trendy shopping bags. Surprisingly, burlap bags may also be seen in the retail industry. They have a nice look to them. Hessian handbags are also available from a variety of manufacturers. The vibrant, colorful burlap bags will delight you.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Flammable Burlaps?

Because burlap is combustible, you should be cautious while cleaning it. Let’s pretend you’re utilizing a burlap tablecloth or a burlap drape. It may now get soiled over time. So, the first cleaning tip is to shake the hessian item and let it air dry on a bright day.

The harder stains may be treated by lightly dabbing the area with a moist washcloth. This washcloth should be soaked in a vinegar and warm water solution. The object should then be rinsed with ordinary water.

Last but not least, place the object in a sink or bathtub. Then, add a few drops of laundry soap to the water and thoroughly wash the item. Washing the burlaps might help you from catching fire so quickly.

Is it possible for party lights to set burlap on fire?

The lights from the party are generally bright enough to illuminate the surroundings. Everything brings everything to life and makes it apparent. However, party lights, such as Christmas lights, stay heated because they use too much energy. The lights get hotter as time passes, and their surroundings become hotter as well.

These lights may become more appealing if they are placed near a burlap drape, tablecloth, or bag. Because hessian is combustible, it will catch fire sooner or later.

Is Wet Burlap a Fire Hazard?

Even if the dangerous materials are damp, they may be ignited. However, if the hessian is dampened in water, it will not catch fire or stay combustible. When you keep it wet for a long period, it collects moisture and molds.

If you’re going to use it with plaster or clay, dampen it beforehand to prevent mold from forming.

Burlap is a combustible material. When it gets near intense heat, it also has the potential of igniting.

As a result, it would be beneficial if you used them carefully when they are most useful.

Is It Possible to Iron Burlap?

Burlap may be pressed like any other cloth if two precautions are followed. Before ironing the burlap, it must first be washed and gently dampened. Then keep in mind that when ironing the burlap without destroying the fabric, the iron settings should be maintained at low to medium heat.

Burlap fabric is quite popular since it is both environmentally friendly and durable enough to be used to make jute burlap bags and home décor items like burlap tablecloths and table linens.

Burlap Tablecloths and Table Runners: How to Iron Them?

Any burlap tablecloth may be ironed as easily as any other tablecloth made of ordinary fabric. All you have to do now is take steps to avoid ironing the burlap tablecloth and burning it since burlap fabric is quite combustible.

The same may be said about burlap table runners. This implies that you may iron burlap table runners as well, as long as you take the same precautions.

Jute Burlap Sacks to Iron:

Jute burlap bags may also be ironed, but you must take extra precautions since they are just as combustible as burlap tablecloths and table linens.

If you iron incorrectly, you will not only burn the jute burlap bags, but you will also permanently destroy your iron.

As a result, iron the jute burlap bags on a low- to medium heat setting and cover them with another item of clothing before ironing. Also, to avoid burning the bags, make sure they are somewhat moist.

Is It Possible to Steam Iron Burlap?

Burlap can be ironed using a steam iron, which works similarly to a standard iron. Using a steam iron will make your task simpler since you won’t have to spray the burlap separately because the steam from the iron will eliminate the wrinkles immediately.

Just make sure you’re using pure water to fill the steam iron.

What Is The Best Way To Iron A Burlap Table Runner Or Tablecloth?

To prevent burning the burlap or ruining your iron plate, follow these step-by-step directions while ironing your burlap runner or tablecloth.

You’ll need the following items:

  • Cotton pillowcase, cheesecloth, or muslin fabric that is clean and white
  • Distilled water 
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Bottle for spraying

Steps for ironing burlap tablecloths and table runners:

  • Dampen the burlap tablecloths or table runners 
  • Turn the Burlap Tablecloth Or Runner Over
  • Begin ironing
  • Maintain a Damp Burlap Tablecloth/Table Runner
  • Keep pressing

I will now elaborate on the guidance given above.

Dampen the burlap tablecloths or table runners:

Before you begin ironing, you must first dampen the burlap tablecloth or table runner, since it is difficult to iron the burlap fabric if it is entirely dry, as the creases on the burlap become more difficult to iron.

So, fill a spray bottle with distilled water and spray the burlap tablecloth or runner all over.

Only use distilled water since it contains no mineral salt and will not leave a patchy yellowish tint on the burlap once the moisture has evaporated.

Turn the Burlap Tablecloth Or Runner Over:

Turn the burlap tablecloth or table runner over so that the backside is facing up. Because the incorrect side of the garment must be ironed first.

Begin ironing:

Cover your burlap tablecloth or table runner with a muslin cloth, cheesecloth, or cotton pillowcase and iron it flat.

Iron the burlap tablecloth/table runner using a low to medium heat iron, or a high heat iron if the creases are severe.

Maintain a Damp Burlap Tablecloth/Table Runner:

Keep the burlap tablecloth/table runner moist while ironing by spraying water over the fabric that covers it.

Keep pressing: 

Continue ironing your burlap tablecloth or table runner until the creases under the covering fabric are gone. When the wrong side of the burlap tablecloth or table runner is crease-free, flip it over and iron the right side using the same method.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs), “Is burlap flammable?”

Can jute be burned?

Jute burns with flaring molten droplets, leaving little or no residue, while polypropylene ignites with flaring molten droplets, leaving little or no residue.

Is jute fiber flammable?

Jute, being an organic material, gives any area a natural feel. Because the jute plant grows quickly, jute material is an environmentally benign, renewable resource. The non-flammable surface produces no static and is ideal for medium-traffic areas including home offices, guestrooms, and living and dining rooms.

Does jute burn continuously?

It burns without producing a flame or dissolving, yet it has the potential to flare up. It doesn’t leave any beads until the cloth is finished. It may last a little longer after the flame has been extinguished than cotton.

Does burlap have Formaldehyde?

The degree of the odor is determined by the way the fabric was finished, how it was preserved, and several other things. Our Burlap is refined and does not include any additives or Formaldehyde, which may be found in many other Burlap cloths that are of lower quality or imported.

Why burlap is not suitable for clothing?

Burlap is a versatile fabric comprised of sturdy natural fibers that may be used for a variety of stitching and craft applications. It’s not the best material for clothes since it’s harsh on the skin and rather stiff.

Is burlap the same as jute?

Jute is a fiber that is sometimes used to manufacture burlap, a kind of cloth. When burlap is created from jute fibers, it has the same properties as jute fibers, such as a gritty texture and earthy aroma.


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