Is Aerogard Flammable? (A complete review)

In this article we will answer the following question: “Is Aerogard Flammable?”. We will discuss all Aerogard insect repellents, and provide information to help you realize when a compound might be flammable.

Is Aerogard Flammable?

Well, it depends, but most are. Aerogard is a trademark, it has many kinds of repellants. Overall, Aerogard aerosols are very flammable because they have volatile organic compounds as solvents. Liquid sprays that need to be pumped are less flammable

What is Aerogard?

Aerogard is an Australian brand that produces repellants that can be used directly on the skin. The manufacturer is an Anglo-Dutch company named Reckitt Benckiser.

The products come in form of aerosols, bottled creams, and roll-ons.

The active ingredients in Aerogard, the chemical that allows the repellant effect, can be DEET, Picaridin, Pyrethrins, Transfluthrin,  or essential oils, depending on the specific product’s formula.


Insect repellants are important compounds and cosmetics that can be applied directly to the skin. They help prevent diseases not only by scaring the insects away from us but by controlling the outbreak of vector-borne diseases.

Each repellant found in a store has a specific formula. They possess active ingredients, solvents, and other compounds that help achieve the best anti-insect effects. 

The products are formulated in labs and undergo a series of trials to establish safety standards. Even pollution tests are made to evaluate the environmental hazards.

The how-to-use and precaution instructions on every label are the results of many studies and tests. They shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Aerogard products flammability

Aerogard has 7 different types of repellents. 

Each type has different versions, each one has a distinct formula. So we can’t assume they all are going to behave the same way.

The labels always tell us the most important information. If it says that the product must be kept away from fire sources, it is because it’s flammable. 

If it is very flammable, there will be even more warnings. The most important thing, above all, is that the instructions are being followed.

To understand how flammable a product can be, we must search for the product’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which is a document that exposes all the safety information relevant to the item.

If the label doesn’t present enough information and we can’t find the SDS, then all we can do is search for the product’s ingredients and judge according to them. We advise the reader not to do this on your own.


Aerogard repellant products have very different ingredients, but some formulas are similar. 

All Aerogard products are made with a solvent, an active ingredient, and other compounds that will enhance specific properties, depending on the nature of the product.

If a product must be liquid, it will probably be water-based. If it’s supposed to be creamy then oily components must be added, or another agent that will induce the same goal.

For example, all aerosol forms are highly flammable, and the water-based pump sprays tend to be much less flammable.

This is due to the solvents used in the formulation. Solvents are usually the majority of the compounds, in any formula. When they present a high risk of flammability, the whole product will.

This is why aerosols can catch fire so easily. Their solvents are made of organic compounds, which are normally very flammable when under pressure. If the product comes out of a can, it will probably burn easily.

When it comes to products other than aerosols, the flammability question is not so straightforward. Even if the product has alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily mean that will be very flammable, but it will surely be combustible.

There are also many ingredients that we are not normally aware of. If a constituent in an ingredient’s list is unknown, the reader can’t rely on it to determine how flammable the product is.


In this section, we will show the specific flammability hazard for every Aerogard product. There are also similar labels that only have a different scent, this information work for them as well.

All the following products must be kept away from children. Inhalation of big quantities of any aerosol mentioned below could lead to death.

It’s important to say that none of the products will catch fire in our bodies unless direct flames are supplied. After they dry, none is likely to start a fire, especially on our skin.

  • Aerogruard Kids Roll On

It’s considered to be flammable until dries, according to the fabricant. It is water and alcohol-based, so until the product dries a highly flammable material is present.

Sources of fire, heat, and sparks must be kept away from this product at all times.

Once in the skin, the product dries quickly and the risk of flammability decreases rapidly.

You can check more information here.

  • Aerogard Kids Pump Spray

This product has a formula very similar to Aerogard Kids Roll On.

It can burn easily before dries. The solvents are water and alcohol.

Likewise, alcohol can burn easily and is a major fire hazard.

Check more information here.

  • Aerogard Tropical Strength

This product is extremely flammable. It has organic solvents that can burn quickly, even becoming explosives if there is enough spraying in a closed room.

The can must be kept away from heat sources, including the sun, and flames. 

Its solvents are butane and alcohol. Both are major fire hazards.

See more information at this link.

  • Aerogard Odourless Protection

The product is highly flammable. 

It’s similar to Aerogard Tropical Strength, but the active component is different, and the product offers protection for a little less time.

See more information here.

  • Aerogard Odorless Pump

The product is considered flammable until dries. Its solvents are alcohol and water, similar to other pump versions.

Once the product dries out, it means that the alcohol evaporated, so the product is no longer flammable.

Specific SDS couldn’t be found for this product, but this link has a very similar one.

  • Aerogard 40 Deet

This product is considered highly flammable, just like the other aerosols. It also has butane, a highly flammable volatile organic compound.

The product must be kept away from ignition sources like intense heat, sparks, and flames.

See more about it at this link.

  • Aerogard Home Flying Insect Killer

This product is not meant to be used on our skin, so beware.

It is water-based, and not considered flammable by the fabricant. But it could be toxic if ingested, inhaled, or sprayed on our skin.

Check more important information here.

  • Aerogard Fabric Spray Odourless

This product is considered highly flammable, like the other aerosols. It has many organic compounds as solvents that can be very flammable.

See more information here.

  • Aerogard Naturals Insect Repellent Spray

This product is considered very flammable. It has alcohol and oils on its constitution. It’s also partially water-based, but the 

The difference between this product is that it has a plant-based active, instead of artificial. Apparently, all of them work similarly. 

Check more info here.

  • Aerogard Naturals Insect Repellent Roll On

This last product is also flammable, even explosive if the can is heated. It contains alcohol and oils that can be easily ignited.

See more here.


Only the “Aerogard Home Flying Insect Killer” product is not flammable. All other Aerogard’s products present at least some possibility of igniting easily. The Aerosol versions, the ones that come in a can and have under pressure gases, are very flammable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): Is Aerogard Flammable?

is aeroguard waterproof?

No Aerogard product label specifically states that the product is waterproof, so we can assume that they are not. Most Aerogard products don’t have any ingredient that indicates waterproofing.

How long does Aerogard last?

Aerogard repellents offer from 4 or 6 hours of protection, depending on the product. Only the Odourless versions offer protection for 4 hours. The rest, at least 6 hours. 

Aerogard also has some labels that are not meant to be used topically, so make sure you read all the instructions on the label.

is aeroguard safe for dogs?

No Aerogard products are safe for dogs because they can lick the content. The ingestion is also not safe for humans.

Aerogard products should never be used directly on any pets.

It can also be unsafe for children, depending on their age. Check the label before using it in toddlers.


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