Is Adex Gel Flammable? A Comprehensive Overview

This article will share some light on the following question: “Is Adex Gel Flammable?” and cover other doubts you may have about emollient creams in general. 

Is Adex Gel Flammable? 

Yes, under the right circumstances Adex Gel can be flammable. The cosmetic is a paraffin-based emollient, a very flammable ingredient. You should take care not to use any fire or heat source while using the product in your body, especially the hands.

But there’s also good news: the product is an aqueous cream, which means it’s not so oily and can be washed easily.

What is Adex Gel?

“Adex” is a registered trademark. Adex gel is one of its labels, it’s made for topic use. According to the manufacturer, it’s a highly moisturizing medicinal substance that helps reduce inflammation and redness, a protective gel for routine management of the skin.

Adex gel can be used both continuously or occasionally, for day-to-day moisturizing or to help under periods of flares.

And what is it made of?

Cosmetics are made according to the functionalities required for a certain problem. Skin emollients are often used to create an oily barrier that prevents the water in our skin from being lost, and therefore are good for hydration.

The gel is alcohol, fragrance, and essential oil-free. Its solvents are mostly Glycerol and liquid paraffin, which make it oily and inclinable to start a fire.

Complete list of ingredients: Carbometer, Glycerol, Isopropyl, Myristate, Liquid Paraffin, Nicotinamide, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbitan Laurate, Trolomine, and Purified Water.

A deeper dive into its ingredients

Anything in this world that has weight is made of atoms. A set that at least two atoms are considered a molecule. In Chemistry, an important aspect of molecules is their polarity. 

The more polar a liquid molecule is, the more hydrophilic it is as well, which means that it tends to be soluble in water. Also, the more a molecule is equal to another, the bigger the chance that they can be mixed together, and water is very polar.

Oils, although, had their polarity reversed compared to water, and that’s why they don’t mix easily.

But no one wants a sticky and fatty cream on their skin for a long time. It might be unpleasant, hard to spread, and to wash. 

But before we proceed with this explanation let’s take a look at some of Adex Gel’s ingredients and functions:

  • Carbometer: Viscosity control. It’s what converts the liquid into a gel.
  • Glycerol: Moisturizer/ humectant. It is similar to our skin cells, facilitating water to bind and promulgating hydrating. 
  • Isopropyl Myristate: emollient and perfuming.
  • Liquid Paraffin: a solvent that mixes other hydrophobic compounds. It’s also emollient.
  • Nicotinamide: Many functions. Skin brightener, anti-acne, moisturizer/ humectant. Can also interact with our cells positively.
  • Trolamine: helps optimize the pH value.
  • Sorbitan Laurate: emulsifying.
  • Purified Water: solvent.

Finding out a balance between oil, water, aroma and other things that can mix everything in a way most users appreciate is a delicate dance that professionals are constantly trying to master.

Most Adex Gel ingredients are oily, but an emulsion is used so water can be added. Because of that, the final product is considered to be an aqueous cream, easier to be washed and used.

If you have ever washed greasy dishes you probably saw that water just can’t get rid of it alone, but by adding soap everything gets much easier. 

That is because soap has a long hydrophobic carbon chain that can get rid of most fats, but also has a very hydrophilic tip that can mix easily with water. When a molecule is capable of playing in both teams like that we call it an emulsifier

Sorbitan Laurate acts just like soap in this case. A complex mixture of all ingredients is what composes a good cosmetic.

But what is it good for?

The hydrophobic substances and their auxiliary gel can help moisturize the skin. Putting in better terms, they can help the skin moisturize itself by trapping hydration within the skin cells. 

It can help by both protecting and treating the skin, allowing it to heal itself, and preventing it from getting dry.

On the other hand, Nicotinamide can act as an anti-inflammatory related to Vitamin B3, it’s a medicinal substance that actively acts on healing.

The product has positive indications against eczema, dermatitis, and Psoríasis. In such conditions, the skin can open cracks that allow moisture to escape from it, and other irritant agents can get in. The causes can be internal or external.

As we’ve stated before, emollients and soap have very similar chemical properties. But the major difference is that emollients can hydrate your skin, while soap can dry and irritate. It’s best to avoid soap if you’re suffering from a mentioned skin condition.


Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, you should be fine. A few more specific information is provided below.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Trials have not been conducted to assess the safety of this product for pregnant people, nor while breastfeeding. If this applies to you, it’s better to seek reliable medical advice before using Adex Gel.

Interaction with other medicines

The product is not known for interacting or to be affected by any oral medicines. It can be used with other emollients, as long as it doesn’t cause dilution by other products, or it’s spread to other parts of the body which doesn’t need it.

Effects on the ability to drive or use heavy machines

Effects are unknown.

Side effects

No side effects were encountered. If you had used the product but your symptoms didn’t get better, even got worse, or new side effects were faced, tell your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. They will then proceed to report the problems directly to the manufacturer.

The flammability problem

It was easy to find official information regarding the benefits and other useful considerations about the gel but was a little harder to evaluate the possibility of lighting it on fire.

An official Adex website shared a link to a well-known UK pharmaceutical company, which stated the following:

“Do not smoke or go near naked flames – risk of severe burns. Fabric (clothing, bedding, dressings, etc.) that has been in contact with this product burns more easily and is a serious fire hazard. Washing clothing and bedding may reduce product build-up but not totally remove it. 

When the product ends up on fabric, it loses its properties. The water part evaporates and the other ingredients can start falling apart. The most hydrophobic and flammable substances can stay together due to affinity and promulgate flammability.

This means if you were lost in the woods with a tube of a gel like this, and you needed to scare away predators, you could attach a cloth to the tip of a twig and put the gel on it. After waiting for it to dry you could use your lighter and successfully craft a torch.

You should avoid using Adex Gel while smoking, cooking, or being next to any kind of heat or fire source.


Adex Gel is really flammable. Its constituents can easily be burned, especially if in contact with fabric tissues. Even though the cosmetic is considered to be harmless and safe for use, it is not if you get close to a fire or heat source while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): Is Adex Gel Flammable?

Can Adex Gel be set on fire?

Yes. The manufacturer considers it very flammable, so you should avoid using it the same way you take care handling cotton products and shredded paper, for example.

Is Adex Gel safe to use?

The product has undergone several trials to assess its quality in the UK, just like any other licensed cosmetic product. Check the “Contra-indicators” section of this article for more information.

How do Adex Gel works?

It has moisturizing properties because of its oily content, which allows the trapping of natural water from our skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory action thanks to the addition of Nicotinamide, this all helps the body to heal itself.

What is it good for?

It’s recommended for dry skin, itchy skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea.

Is Adex Gel the same as Doublebase?

It has very similar properties. The biggest difference is that Nicotinamide, a medicinal compound used as an anti-inflammatory, is added to it.


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