Is Air Freshener Flammable? (A Comprehensive Overview)

Is Air Freshener Flammable? Some are flammable and some are non-flammable. Air fresheners come in a wide variety of forms and compositions. Many times their compositions are not fully disclosed. The best recommendation is to prevent the air freshener recipient and the vapor from being heated. Air fresheners are used in housing, workplaces, schools, cars, … Read more

Is Aluminum Dust Flammable? (A Comprehensive Overview)

Is Aluminum Dust Flammable? Aluminum dust (or powder) has a high explosion hazard and it can act as a flammable material under certain conditions. Aluminum dust is also a combustible material. Unlike aluminum in bulk or solid form, aluminum in dust form poses a high risk of explosions, especially when suspended in the air. Aluminum … Read more

Is Amber Flammable? (A comprehensive overview)

Is Amber Flammable? Yes, amber is flammable. Amber tends to burn slowly similarly to incense. Many amber produce fragrances when burned. Burning amber, by itself, is very unlikely to cause explosions. All amber is composed, organic molecules. In most forms of amber those organic molecules have a high molar mass. Those molecules may sometimes be … Read more

Is aircon gas flammable? (A comprehensive overview)

Is Air Conditioning Refrigerant Flammable? It depends, some of them are flammable, some are slightly flammable and some are non-flammable. The most commonly used refrigerants are considered slightly flammable (R-32, R-22 and, R-410a).  That being said, refrigerants in air conditioning systems are contained in highly pressurised cylinders, and pose a risk of explosions if the … Read more

Is an Oxygen Tank Flammable? (A Comprehensive Overview)

Is an Oxygen Tank Flammable? An oxygen tank is not flammable, nor is oxygen. However tanks containing oxygen in gas or liquid form pose risks for explosions, as is the case for most pressurized compartments.  Additionally, if accompanied by heat and a material that can catch on fire (a combustible material), they have a secondary … Read more

Is Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Flammable? (A Comprehensive Overview)

Is Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Flammable? Most aircraft hydraulic fluids in use today are flammable. Aircraft hydraulic use pressurized hydraulic fluids. A malfunction in these systems alongside an ignition source can cause a fire. Hydraulic fluids can be the cause of an aircraft crashing. In 2014 in Karachi Pakistan an airbus A330-200  had its hydraulic hose … Read more

Is Airplane Fuel Flammable? (a comprehensive overview)

Is Airplane Fuel Flammable? Yes, all the many different grades of airplane fuels are flammable. In fact, the word fuel is usually used for materials that can produce heat when burned. Aircraft fuel has similarities and differences with automotive fuel. Some general properties of aircraft fuel are: The flame temperature of aviation fuel is, many … Read more